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    Eletronica Selenium (, founded in 1958, manufactures and sells professional
loudspeakers including line arrays, screen and portable systems, along with related technologies for
both the public sound reinforcement sector and automotive aftermarket. The company is primarily
focused on the premium market segment and is a leader in the professional loudspeaker business in
Latin America.
    With over 400 employees Selenium is the continental leader in Loudspeaker production in Latin
America, both under the Selenium brand and as OEM manufacturer. The company has established a
strong reputation as an outstanding quality loudspeaker producer and developer. Selenium products,
manufacturing plants, technology and management techniques comply with the highest global
standards for the high-end market segment.
    Selenium and JBL Professional are part of the Harman International network of professional and
consumer audio companies. Selenium Professional Products are exclusively distributed in the United
States of America by JBL Professional.
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Selenium RPD210Ti Driver Diaphragm
MSRP: $18.60
Price: $13.63
You Save: $4.97 (27 %)
Selenium RPD210Ti Driver Diaphragm
Replacement diaphragm for Selenium Horn Drivers D210TI and D210TI-OMF